Canon 700D Camera Review

How to get the most out of the Cannon 700D camera.

Canon 700D can be used by enthusiastic photographers, as it produces very high quality pictures. The camera has comprehensive feature set and has got automatic hand -holding which could be easily used by the inexperienced photographers in particular. There are few cosmetic differences between canon 650D and 700D camera. The 700D camera is based on the 650D but uses AF which help to design better with the new STM lenses. The various shooting modes in the camera such as pick up and click mode which doesn’t require any thoughts whatsoever goes to fast sports mode. With focus tracking and 5 frames per second shooting bursts, “Portrait” mode for warm skin tones.”Landscape”mode for lust vistas. All the way to fully “manual” mode where everything from shutter speed, aperture and ISO light sensitivity are fully controllable,plus various other modes in between. The Camera 700D is very creative and versatile kit. Has got a excellent quality screen, colour and brightness are good. The 700D is the latest in the “amateur” Canon DSLR range with touch screen which is very responsive and interface is easy to use.
• Create detailed, low-noise 18 megapixel images that can be printed at high resolution and cropped without losing quality
• Capture Full-HD movies with creative control and Hybrid CMOS AF that focuses continuously as you shoot
• Explore new shooting angles and control the camera with a 7.7cm Vari-angle Clear View LCD II Touch screen
• Get shooting quickly and easily with Scene Intelligent Auto, and expand your horizons with Creative shooting modes
• Shoot low-noise images in poor light using ISO 100-12800 sensitivity (extends to ISO 25600)
The canon700D can take the full HD video and should be able to take for few hours with the fast enough card. It produces a high quality video. Downloading to computer is very fast & easy.
Canon 700D could be used in all manner of situations, its simplicity and its capabilities as creative tools have great advantage over the other cameras. Excellent filming and photography features, comes with detailed menu system, the cheaper price will definetiley help an enthusiastic photographer to buy the product. The camera feels good in the hand and the large lens makes the whole setup quite heavy but not nearly as heavy or bulky as the more expensive canons in the range
Body:- The camera is light weight and covered with rubberised material
Touch screen:- Camera has got the 3 inch LCD touch screen which is biggest part of the camera.
Lens:- Feels like having a cheap lens, if possible find an affordable better lens.
Video:- It is smoother to use and the audio is average, you don’t need to convert them for editing
Photo:- Clear, high quality photos which are also bigger in size and easy to print.
Canon 700D cameras produce high quality pictures; it is affordable for you to buy as well
Buy now!!!


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