Fujifilm X100T review

Fujifilm x100T camera PhotoFujifilm X100T review
This camera is part of a series of cameras that has taken the imagination of a keen photographer. It has been manufactured by Fujifilm company, has an old style of capturing images because of the fixed lens, but it has lots of modern techs built in with it. This camera looks very similar to X100, but this has got more advanced features and more improved functionality.
This camera has got some quality features:
16.3-megapixel X-Trans APS-C sensor; 23mm f/2 lens The Fujifilm is simple looking but looks better than the other Fuji cameras; it is light weight because of the magnesium alloy frame. The quality if good as ever and it will long last for years. It comes in black, with the silver top plate, lens and controls.
With Fujifilm X100T camera, you take a hands-on approach to photography, X100T has an aperture ring around the lens, a metal shutter speed dial on the top plate, and an exposure-compensation dial next to it. Many people find it satisfying to take the photos.
This camera has got a 23mmf/2 lens, a fixed lens, doesn’t zoom, with this lens we can see, the length as far as with the naked eye. But some photographers like the better view. It is a very nice lens; it gives a very smooth creamy out-of-focus quality when shooting in the wider area. This camera’s lens is bit soft when shooting at f/2.0, but it will not ruin the photos, and this lens is prone to flicker. Therefore, a hood is recommended; you can buy these at a lower price in other places.
This camera produces high-quality images, and has got fast all-purpose 35mm lens, but its video quality is not great and slow autofocus.

Why is that you have to choose this product?

The camera has a fixed lens permanently attached to the body, and it is solidly built so that it will incur a severe damage. This version has Wi-Fi built in it, and remote shooting is possible with smartphone or tablet via this camera’s remote app. This camera has got first world’s Hybrid Viewfinder with the automated range finder. Further, it has got much quicker AF when compared to 100S, which is the most significant update helps to capture moving subjects quickly. You also can upload photos from your computer. It is excellent camera especially with fixed lens and a real value for money, the pleasure to use for its creativity feature.
This camera has got 32 positive customer reviews in Amazon store.

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