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In the world of online money making, affiliate marketing is a term you will hear a lot. Affiliate marketing,is a way of earning money by creating a high ranking, high traffic website that is used to launch a certain product. Sales of this product through the channel of the website will earn the website owner a commission.
For this to work, however, these affiliate sites, or sniper sites, have to be high ranking and receive high volumes of traffic of the right type of visitors who are looking to buy products featured.  This sounds easy, but many people fail in their attempts at making an affiliate site as it is not that simple.
What is Google Sniper?
Google Sniper is an affiliate marketing training course that takes customers through the sometimes arduous process of creating and effective sniper site on WordPress and then getting it ranking through the continued use of SEO ( search engine optimization )techniques.
What is a Sniper site?
Just as a sniper hits their shooting target the first time around the precision and aim, a sniper site is an effective site that uses concentrated and effective keywords to get the search engine ranking results without excessive keyword stuffing or other more amateur and black hat SEO techniques. Google Sniper teaches customers how to create these effective sniper sites.
Google sniper history
George Brown, an enterprising young man’ designed the PR. At just 17, George was working as an internet marketer and created a successful set of online tutorials, which he decided to launch into a full- scale training course, called Google Sniper.
The program became successful, virtually overnight and had proven itself to be a legitimate internet marketing course.
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What Google Sniper essentially teaches one:
How to Finding the right niche
Because Affiliate marketing can be competitive, it is important to find the right niche market. That is one with high potential for sales with very low competition. This is half the battle, but not an easy one
How to discover the most effective keywords for your sniper site
Google Sniping involves finding long-tail keywords, which do not require many backlinks, but generate high volumes of traffic.
 How to create your high WordPress Website
How to discover the most effective collection of products to sell on your sites
What the Google Sniper package contains
A Getting Started booklet to guide you  the program
A selection of e-books, user manuals, and training videos, containing the learning information.
Added supplementary videos for added help
Empire Module – a guide on how to start outsourcing work as one’s affiliate marketing business grows.
Added optional tips and resources
Access to an on-going series of webinars by Mr. George Brown himself.
Access to ongoing support
A few things to Note about Google Sniper
Although Google Sniper is an effective marketing program and course, it is by no means a “Get-Rich-Quick” scheme. It does require time and effort to succeed in affiliate marketing. This program requires much effort and commitment as results are not easy or overnight. If one is willing to do the work required, the resources to succeed are all available and highly effective.

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