Just Pure Hut Ear Plugs – 3 Piece Set of Silicone Protection and 2 Containers – Best Noise Cancelling for Musicians, Shooting, Sleeping, Festivals, Concerts, Construction Safety, Flying, Travel and Swimming

“Good quality product and value for money” “Best noise cancelling ear plugs I’ve ever used” “Great earplugs for concerts” “I used these at a Coldplay concert, they were just wonderful”

PROBLEM SOLVED! These re-useable soft silicone triple flange ear plugs are perfect for those who want to either enjoy some peace and tranquillity or to drown out some of the loud noises but still enable you to have a conversation.

COMFORTABLE TO WEAR! The ear plugs are made of soft silicone which makes them comfortable to wear. Easy and discreet and the beauty of them is when you want to take them out all you need to do is a gentle tug on the cords and they can be put back in their containers.

An Amazon Customer Recently Said “Great plugs that are now saving my ears both when stewarding at festivals and when going on the motorcycle. They fit comfortably and the cord means you can easily have one or both out and not have to hold them or stuff them into a pocket. The little aluminium canisters are perfect to transport them cleanly and make them easy to grab and go.”

You risk absolutely nothing. Our ear plugs are backed by an unconditional 100% money back guarantee.

Your search for “the ONE” ear plugs is finally over! With over 70+ five Star reviews, you can trust that Amazon customers agree.

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OUR EAR PLUGS REDUCE THE VOLUME OF SOUND NOT THE QUALITY, leaving you free to enjoy every moment of the concert, festivals or nightclub while still protecting your hearing. Made from exceptionally soft silicone, they are simple to fit in the ears and can be easily removed with a gentle pull on the attached cord. No pain or discomfort whatsoever. Full instructions included.

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