Kenwood Food Processor

How to use small kitchen appliances for home catering.

All of us prepare meals on daily for our family members and us, so, I do not think that there are any problems to run a small home-based catering business if you have a passion for cooking. To run this business, you need a little bit of more space and maybe some small kitchen appliances to make your business life comfortable. I want to show you one of the most used items that you can easily use to get some extra assistance to carry out your job efficiently.

Kenwood Food Processor FPP220 – Silver

This food processor helps you to prepare all the vegetarian dishes like soups, scalds, puree, and sauces. For the safety use, it has got fully interlocked system, a variety of attachments come with this item that you view if you click here

Product Description

The food processor comes in silver, it has got shredding slicing disc, knife Blender Driveshaft, Coarse shredding and slicing disc, Knife blade Liquidiser filler, Liquidiser, and blender. The instruction manual is included to help you install the product.

Kenwood Food Processor FPP220

This food processor will not have your precious workspace, again it is helpful when you are preparing lots of other dishes, has got in – bowl capacity becomes more dominant due to increased usage of the bowl.

This food processor can be used to make Asian food variety like, paratha, Rotis, and Chapathis, that will be of great help for you to make the orders placed by different communities. It also can break the small pieces of nuts and also it can blend the fruit if you put it without the skin.

The special features for this food processor that I can recommend are as follows:

The cutting blades are of different heights and when you put the stuff into the bowl, it moves around on its own and cuts the material evenly whereas the previous version was not like that, which is a significant improvement. It is a very low-cost item suitable for small business owners to prepare, foods like soup, curries and cooked vegetables sliced easily. The blender comes with it is excellent and doesn’t overflow when you are liquidising when compared with many other blenders out there.

The liquidiser can be used to make hot soup and the smoothie could be prepared without any problem at all. This food processor is dish washable, but take enough care of the way you place in the dishwasher. It is easy to clean up in the dishwasher as it has got secure mechanism; that is the important factor for the people who prepare food for orders.

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Small catering home business is suitable for someone who likes to run a business from home; this is an opportunity that you can grow quickly as a provision of food will have high demand. There is always enough demand in this industry but you need to create trust with your customers and the crucial aspect is making your customers happy and makes them come back again and again.



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