Style Name: Standard Manual 14-42mm Lens Kit  Body Only

Pancake Electronic Zoom 14-42mm Lens Kit

Standard Manual 14-42mm Lens Kit

Standard Manual 14-42mm Lens Kit + 32GB SD

Standard Manual 14-42mm Lens Kit + 64GB SD

Colour Name: Silver

Exquisitely designed, compact, lightweight and retro-styled camera with an all-metal finish.

Large, flip-down and tillable high-res LCD touchscreen for framing and capturing selfies

Automatic ‘selfie mode’ settings, including wide-angle lens position and portrait mode

Built in WiFi for posting via a compatible smartphone and the free Olympus Image Share app.

Outstanding image quality thanks to the 16.1 Megapixel Live MOS sensor and Tropic VII image processor

Olympus PEN E-PL7 Interchangeable Lens Camera – Silver (16.1MP M. Zuiko 14-42mm II R Lens) 3.0-inch Touchscreen LCD

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Now that you have great photos of the latest fashion trends in the city or stunning selfies, it’s time to share them with your friends or admirers. The E-PL7’s built-in Wi-Fi makes it easier than ever for you to upload your favourite shots to any social media site via your smartphone. But before you do so, add a special touch using the Partial Colour or Vintage Art Filters directly on the camera. They let your creative side shine through.

Must-haves at a glance

The camera’s slim silhouette fits in any handbag and is so easy to carry

The premium design feels lovely to hold and use – and looks fabulous too

Accessorise to suit your style, with leather straps and body jackets in various colours

Simply share photos via your smartphone

With the option to add lenses and expand your creative potential

Box Contains

Olympus PEN E-PL7 Body Olympus M.Zuiko 14-42mm II R Lens Flash FL-LM1 Li-ion battery BLS-50 Li-ion battery charger BCS-5 USB cable Shoulder strap OLYMPUS Viewer 3 (CD-ROM) Instruction manual Warranty card

Transcend 16GB Premium SDHC Class 10 UHS-I 300x Memory Card

It will carry the manufacturers usual 12 months. But if you buy it on a credit card (not through Amazon though) you would be covered by the Credit Consumer Act which protects you against faulty equipment for up to 6 years.) But payment must be direct to the seller or if Amazon are the seller. But payment must be direct to the seller or if Amazon are the seller.

Style Name: Standard Manual 14-42mm Lens Kit Colour Name: Black Verified Purchase

The adverts cantered around the “Selfie Screen” but that really misses the main strengths of this great little camera. Versatility is the key to the PEN range. You can fit a kit lens (or a small “prime”) and go out being generally unobtrusive, moving the focus point around on the rear screen and snapping to your heart’s content, perhaps making use of the genuinely interesting “ART” filters (which you see the effects of before taking the shot). You can put it on a tripod, pull out the screen to a comfortable angle and take landscapes. Put it in your coat pocket when you’re not using it… Or you can get more “serious” with it. If you invest in the VF-4 viewfinder (people will talk about the E-M10’s built in one being better value but the VF-4 is a better EVF, like the one in the E-M1) you can open up the world of “Legacy” lenses, adapting old manual focus optics and making use of the VF-4’s excellent resolution to make accurate focus. Forget the focus peaking feature though, it’s pretty useless on Olympus cameras unfortunately. This is where the VF-4 is the key to it – you just don’t need peaking with it. I even use an old 300mm f/2.8 lens (sometimes with a 1.4x converter) to shoot wildlife and it’s giving me the best results I’ve had from a m4/3 body so far. The 3 axis stabiliser is really effective and you see it working in the viewfinder – much like the optical systems from Canon and Nikon. The stabiliser is good enough to shoot handheld in most conditions, although I’d recommend a monopod in trickier lighting or windy conditions. The controls deserve a mention. The control wheel around the shutter button is a great improvement from previous PEN bodies. You can control aperture for example (A mode) or compensation (P mode or using a legacy lens) and it’s definable to a point.

Style Name: Pancake Electronic Zoom 14-42mm Lens Kit Colour Name: silver

DSLRs are pretty good cameras for those who want to progress beyond compact point and shoot cameras. I went down this route with a particular DSLR but after four years, I considered my options. Firstly, carrying around DSLRs isn’t practical especially when travelling. Quite a few times I’ve been stopped by customs and being asked ‘what is that?’ when pointing at the oversized flashgun and undergoing further scans. The bulk and weight mean that you have to weigh up which bits of equipment you want to take with you. When going abroad, your camera gear should be in your hand luggage taking up valuable space and weight. Additionally, it’s a theft magnet for those brazen enough to steal it from you. I began to tire of my DSLR setup and wondered whether the micro four thirds system could provide the same excellent picture quality but without the baggage portability. I had a look round at the various manufacturers and narrowed by choices down to Panasonic and Olympus. I was put off by Sony thanks to them changing the camera lens fitting (called the mount) quite a few times. As the micro four thirds system was jointly developed by Panasonic and Olympus, my search was made easier. I love Panasonic gear having possessed a few pieces of equipment from them but I wasn’t convinced by the handling of their cameras so I turned to Olympus. I was drawn to their PEN series of cameras as they resembled the old school retro silver and black look but containing cutting edge optical technology. With an excellent selection of lenses available (both Panasonic and Olympus lenses are interchangeable), my mind was made up. I plumped for the E-PL7 and I’ve never looked back. The camera is quite weighty despite its diminutive size.

Style Name: Pancake Electronic Zoom 14-42mm Lens Kit Colour Name: White Vine Customer Review of Free Product ( What’s this? ) Olympus have certainly done some fine engineering in the looks and build quality side, It looks and feels great. The bundled pancake kit lens (14-42 power zoom) performs well enough for a kit lens, and the camera itself has good low light performance for this class of camera (micro 4/3 sensor). It’s not much bigger than a large point and shoot, but will vastly outperform it in (IQ) image quality, however the same can really be said of most other 4/3 and Sony E mount cameras. The touchscreen is also very responsive (capacitive, no resistive rubbish here), and it’s qot a reasonable 8FPS capture speed, however this isn’t with refocusing between shots, so it’s a little bit of a cheat. Another impressive area is connectivity. I really liked how easy it was to share pictures to my mobile (from where I could send them on elsewhere) using Wifi. The app worked particularly well, and it was a doddle to get connected, you just point your phone at the QR barcode displayed on the screen. The app also supports live view remote shooting, and offers changing of mode, aperture, shutter, touch to focus, Geo Tagging pictures (using your phones GPS) and so forth.

The menus are clear and by default concise (you have to go in and switch on the advanced menus, behind which you can find more obscure things like MF assist, focus peaking and all sorts of other advanced goodies to play with). If you do decide to play with the multitude of settings on offer, there is thankfully a reset to default button, which I have already needed to use! What I really liked was how easy it was to review pictures.

Bought this for my daughter and she is over the moon with it. All the extra features are great and it’s easy to use. I would re commend.

Leave your SLR at home for while & take a different look at your…

I’m a lifelong (at least 30 years) Olympus 35mm SLR & now a DSLR user and this is now my go to camera.

Lovely Camera, exceeded my expectations

Great camera, stylish. Good features, easy to handle.

It’s a great little camera

My main camera is an OM-D E-M1 and this compliments it perfectly as a light weight alternative when I don’t need the features or viewfinder of the E-M1. It’s a great little camera. Read more

Published 4 months ago by P

This is a really fabulous camera. I’m a beginner …

This is a really fabulous camera. I’m a beginner, but so far I have taken some superb pictures with this camera. The shutter speed is so fast; you don’t miss a moment. Read more

Published 7 months ago by Mrs J M Mayhew

Amazing camera.

The camera is fine but has one major drawback. No way to power it from an AC adapter. So apart from having to remove the battery each time it needs charging or swapping if you.

Excellent Camera, Everything was fine






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